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How To Use Digital Marketing to Recruit Employees

Updated: Apr 1

We now live in a digital first environment, and hiring quality candidates is no exception. In today's job market, businesses of all sizes and industries have realized the value of online resources in finding and hiring candidates for their open positions. By leveraging the power of digital marketing to recruit employees for your small business.


Using Digital Marketing to Recruit Employees: Your Website


how-to-use-digital-marketing-to-recruit-top-talentDigital marketing channels are paramount when actively seeking candidates for a position. According to a Pew Research report titled "Searching for Jobs in the Digital Era" (2015), the majority of US adults (54%) have used the internet to search for job information, with 45% applying for jobs online. Job seekers are just as likely to rely on the internet for their most recent job search as they rely on personal or professional networks.

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Your website and social media can be the workhorse of your recruiting efforts online

To attract top candidates, you MUST create a great first impression - and that means your website. Your website is often the first place job seekers go to learn about your organization. In fact, according to LinkedIn, “The most effective talent branding tools are company websites (68%), online professional networks (i.e., LinkedIn), and social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter).” Ensure your website copy and content is strong and provides clear info about your company's mission, values, and job opportunities.


Using Digital Marketing to Recruit Employees: Your Social Media



Social media platforms have become crucial for employee recruitment including listing and advertising positions and even hiring. Professional social media platform, LinkedIn boasts around 1 billion members worldwide (200 million in the US) and over 58 million registered companies across more than 200 countries.


How effective is LinkedIn in the hiring process? According to LinkedIn:

  • Social professional networks are the number one source of quality hires followed by internet job boards and employee referrals.

  • Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision.

  • New employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.

  • LinkedIn influenced hires are 2x more likely to be high demand and above average hires.

  • Top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools (vs. average recruiters).


How to leverage LinkedIn to find your next hire:

  • Ensure that your company has a strong and optimized page, establishing a prominent and professional presence.

  • Incorporate your hiring strategy into your content strategy. This can be tailored to specific positions or more general, with the goal of raising awareness and building relationships.

  • Create a job listing on LinkedIn. Assess the options available, both free and promoted, and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Facebook & Instagram


While LinkedIn is the powerhouse social media platform people think of when it comes to job search and recruitment, other platforms can also play a role. Depending on your audience, Facebook and Instagram can be helpful when recruiting candidates. Prior to February 2022, Facebook offered “Facebook Jobs”, allowing organizations to create job postings integrated with their company page. While that option is no longer available, you can utilize Facebook to boost awareness of open positions.


Mini Case Study: We created an organic campaign to run on Facebook that focused on reaching our followers and encouraging shares. Why? Referrals. According to GoHire, “65% of job seekers would consider a job opportunity if they heard about it from a personal connection.”
We were aware that our social media followers consisted of people in our immediate community as well as current and former employees. We already had a good understanding of the type of content that worked well with our audience, so we leaned on that for guidance as we built our campaign.
To test our content, we ran two versions with differing content and CTAs. Once we knew what worked well, we boosted these posts with a fairly minimal budget. In addition to the boost, followers shared these posts and tagged both followers and non-followers, which helped us drive reach even further. Within two weeks, we had a pool of high-quality candidates, and pulled the posts.


Hiring Now: Tips for Using Social Media Marketing to Advertise Open Positions


  • Keep it Clear: Make sure your job postings provide thorough details about the position, qualifications, and your company.

  • Keep it Concise: Include the most important details and keep the content brief. Avoid unnecessary information that may overwhelm potential candidates.

  • Keep it Thorough: Candidates are more likely to apply if salary, benefits, and perks are mentioned upfront.

  • Use Keywords and Hashtags: Increase your content's discoverability by incorporating relevant keywords such as location, job type, industry, and company name. You can also use hashtags that job seekers may search for.

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