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Refresh Your Social Media Strategy: Check your Goals, Assets, and Audience

Updated: Mar 4

It is always a good idea to regularly review (and possibly refresh) your social media strategy. This can be a quick evaluation or a more comprehensive overhaul. Why? To ensure your strategies are still aligned with your goals and with your target audience. Consistently revisiting your plan is a wise approach to guaranteeing social media success year-round. Consider these three key elements to do this: goals, assets, and audience.

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Refresh your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy: Goals

Creating a robust social media strategy - and routinely reviewing it - ensures your content goals always align with your business objectives. When assessing your social media goals, ask yourself:

• Are your existing goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.)?

• Do they need to be adjusted based on changing business goals or metrics?

• How much progress have you made towards your current goals? What can you learn from your previous metrics?

• Do you need to add goals based on new information or social platforms?

• Are there specific metrics, such as engagement rates or click-through rates, that you should focus on?

Social Media Strategy: Assets

Next, take a closer look at your content. There are several questions to consider here: 

  • Does it effectively tell your company's story? 

  • Are there areas that could be improved or removed? 

  • Based on your metrics, think about what content resonates best with your audience. 

  • Do they prefer visual content or video over other formats? 

  • Do you need to include any content types, such as user-generated content or short-form videos? 

Also, evaluate your posting frequency and consistency. 

  • Can you maintain your current posting schedule? 

  • Do you need to adjust - consistency in any form is better than sporadic or not at all.

Lastly, analyze your content mix. 

  • Do you have a good balance between educational and promotional content?

Social Media Strategy: Audience

The last step is to examine your target audience. 

  • Has it changed at all? 

  • Does it still align with your ideal customer? 

  • If there have been changes, consider how they affect your goals and what adjustments you need to make to accommodate this new audience. 

Additionally, reevaluate the social media platforms you've previously identified as ideal for your audience. 

  • Have your metrics provided any insights about the effectiveness of these platforms? 

  • Determine whether you must add, abandon, or adjust your platform strategies.

Key Takeaway: Regularly reviewing and updating your social media marketing strategy ensures that your plan aligns with your goals and resonates with your target audience.


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