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Why Your Small Business Should Have a Brand Board + Free Brand Board Printable

What is a Brand Board?

A brand board, also called a mood board, is a valuable brand tool for small business owners to use to help keep their media cohesive by including all of their visual assets in one place. Think of it as a guide that gives you or your team all the information needed to create content for your business.

What are the benefits of having a brand board for your business?

As mentioned above, the main benefit of a brand board is consistency. It keeps your online presence aligned with your overall branding and marketing materials, delivering a cohesive experience both off and online.

Elements of a Brand Board

You can make a brand board as simple or complex as you like. Typical elements of a brand board include:

  • logo

  • color palette

  • fonts

  • inspiration images and graphics

When putting together a social media marketing strategy, I always start with a social media board - and this will also include other design elements like icons that I might use on Instagram highlights and visual elements like banners for the company pages on social media platforms.

Tools to Create Your Brand Board

When setting out to create your brand board, there are several valuable tools to make it a more straightforward job.

If you already have branding elements, you can drop those in and go. In that case, I turn to the following to help build brand boards for clients:

  • Canva (of course) (there are tons of mood board templates here)

  • Frontify

  • Airtable

If you are starting from scratch (and not working with a specialist on branding your business), there are tons of tools to help you get started:

  • Color's

  • Canva's color palette generator

  • Paletton

  • Fontjoy

  • Mixfont

Download Your Printable Brand Board Here

Not ready to create one on your own? Go old school - grab this printable brand board template / framework and fill in / color in / paste your information.

Download Your FREE Brand Board Template Here

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