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What is Online Reputation Management for Your Small Business?

In business, your reputation is everything, and in the digital world things move with the speed of light. One bad incident can spread like wildfire over social media. How do businesses stay on top of things? Through online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management: What is It?

It is nurturing a positive perception of your brand through careful monitoring, strategy examination, and planning. The goal? To be ready to act should something go wrong.

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What is Online Reputation Management for Your Small Business?

Reputation Management: Why It’s Important

The worst-case scenario would be for you to be the last to know when something has gone wrong. Having a reputation management strategy in place gives you the power to stay in front of an issue or crisis while providing a playbook on how to address it. The benefits of online reputation management are:

  1. Issues and Crisis Management Strategy: If or when something negative happens that would influence the perception of your brand, a solid reputation management strategy is the first line of defense.

  2. Attracting and Retaining Customers: Online reputation management is instrumental in helping you maintain a positive perception of your brand. That positive perception can be very attractive to new customers seeking your solution, as well as helping to retain established customers.

Reputation Management: How to Do It

An important part of managing your online reputation is examining your assets and planning your strategy.

Step 1. Review all your online assets

Step 2. Make sure your social media policy is up to date

  • Ensure roles are clearly defined, as well as approved guidelines for content and responses.

  • Plan your issues and/or crisis management strategy, including identifying potential issues, roles and responsibilities, and a timeline.

Step 3. Monitor Brand Mentions

  • This ongoing step will utilize social listening tools to track all mentions of your brand.

In short, a reputation management strategy involves proactively monitoring and managing your online presence, keeping your social media communications strategy up to date, and developing a solid crisis strategy

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