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Your Business Instagram Strategy: How To Improve Your iPhone Pics

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

When marketing your business online, visual assets are everything. When it comes to your business instagram account, great images are critical. Hiring a professional photographer when you can is best, as great images will make a significant impact on the social media marketing for your small business. But if it’s not possible right now, or it’s not something you can incorporate regularly, you can still take great images with your iPhone for your content marketing needs.


1. Let in the light! Have your photos be as well-lit as possible.

2. Set the stage! Clear away any unrelated items or clutter. Let the subject be front and center, so it’s easy for your audience to make sense of the picture.

3. Play around with backgrounds – we’ve used a white tablecloth many times.

4. Take several pictures and experiment with cropping the photos or zooming in, and various camera modes.

5. Keep in mind that most of your photos will appear as squares on social media, not a rectangle, so wide shots don’t work for everything.


1. The magic button on your photo. Locate your photo in your albums, click Edit, then click the wand button.

2. Picmonkey – this is a great user-friendly resource to resize, adjust brightness, and so much more. Pixlr is another great tool.

3. Apps – there are so many photo apps available that might help you with exactly what you need. As always – start with Canva – especially when on the go!

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