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Quick & Easy Digital Marketing Strategy Steps to Reach Mfg Customers

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Not all manufacturing companies use digital marketing to reach their customers, but they probably should be. Why? Digital marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to build awareness among their market and drive consideration among their current and potential customers. Still, the time constraints can be too much for many small manufacturing companies. This article will walk you through five quick and easy steps you can take to reach your ideal manufacturing customers through digital marketing.

Photo of two women in manufacturing facility | Quick Marketing Steps to Reach Your Manufacturing Customers


You know you need to devote some of your marketing efforts on digital, but how much and how to start?

According to Wordstream, “The average local business puts 5-10% of its revenue towards its digital marketing budget, but for larger businesses, that number can climb to about 14%.”

The good news? You can get started marketing your manufacturing business online relatively easily.

5 Quick & Easy Steps to Reach Your Manufacturing Customers

  1. Square Up Your Website. Make sure your website is optimized for your ideal customer. At a minimum make sure all information is up to date. Working with a talented web developer can help you ensure your website loads quickly, is attractive, and responsive (loads easily on many formats), as can working with an SEO expert to make sure your site is search friendly.

  2. Build Your List. Start building your email list now. Communicating with your customers is most effective through email. Why? They’re already familiar with you if they’ve opted-in to your list.

  3. Find Your Social Strategy. Don’t let the word strategy frighten you away. It can be as simple as: knowing your customer, knowing what online platforms they’re on, posting content they’d be interested in, doing it consistently, and looking at your results know what works.

  4. Give Quality Content. Contribute more in-depth information to your ideal customer on your blog, like explaining how to use your product. Post an infographic which lays out the basic steps of your service process. Providing quality content that your customers need is a great way to build credibility and a positive relationship.

  5. Get Feedback. This one can be tough, but ask your customers, your employees, and even your friends for feedback on all of the above. Visit the metrics of your social media channels to see what resonated best with your audience. Use the info to go even further with your digital marketing strategy.

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