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Instagram Messages Update: Fun Changes Ahead

Updated: Mar 8

Instagram recently made some great enhancements to its direct messaging feature, enabling you to correct, personalize, and organize your Instagram messages and create a customized user experience. Check them out:

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2024 Instagram Updates

2024 Instagram Messages Updates:

  1. Edit your messages – Hurrah! Don’t let those typos or mistakes get you down. Now you have 15 seconds to yank that message back and make it right.

  2. Pin chats to the top of your inbox – Keep those meaningful conversations right where you can find them.

  3. Read receipts, yay or nay – Now you can toggle read receipts on or off according to your preference.

  4. Stickers ready to go – stickers, gifs, videos, and more are available in your messaging replies.

  5. Who doesn’t love a theme – personalize your chat with themes of your choice

It's early 2024, so looking forward to any more Instagram Messages Updates on the horizon! Happy Instagramming!

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