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How Digital Marketing Can Benefit Small Manufacturing Businesses and Help Them Succeed

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Marketing your manufacturing business can feel overwhelming. After all, you’re focused on doing what you do best, with little time to devote to marketing or learn about the latest trends. This article will walk you through the basics of using Digital Marketing to reach your ideal manufacturing customers and help your business succeed.

Photo of Person in Industrial Setting | How Digital Marketing Can Help Manufacturing Companies
How Manufacturing Companies Can Benefit from Social Media Marketing

Then v. Now: How Manufacturing Companies Find Their Customers

Traditionally. manufacturing and industrial companies have depended on leveraging long-term relationships and referrals for business continuation and growth. Today’s manufacturing company needs more than that, and digital marketing is an excellent way to get there. Just how important is digital marketing for your industrial business? Very.

93% of Americans use the Web to find local businesses (techjury)

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is anything you do online to reach your customers. A few foundations of digital marketing are:

  1. Your Website – the copy, content, and images are all there to communicate how your business meets the needs of your manufacturing customers.

  2. Your Email Marketing – Using email to reach an already interested market is a powerful way to share your insights, news, and nurture customer relationships.

  3. Social Media Marketing – The use of social media marketing for manufacturing companies is essential. Through social media, manufacturing and industrial companies can expand their reach into their market and build awareness of their product or service.

  4. Content Marketing – Using content marketing to share your expertise and insight creates value for your customers, bringing them to you to learn more while also building trust and credibility.

In addition to these, PPC (pay per click advertising), SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate marketing, and more fall under the umbrella of digital marketing.

What can Digital Marketing Do for My Manufacturing Business?

Do you want to expand into other service areas? Do you want to increase awareness of your company within your current market and beyond? Do you want to remain present in the minds of your customers when they’re considering partnerships? Digital marketing can help.

  1. Over 91% of businesses use social media for marketing and on average, businesses allocate 14.9% of their marketing budget towards social media. (wordstream)

  2. Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent (constant contact)

  3. 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates demand/leads. In addition, 70% of marketers say that content marketing helps to educate the audience, and 60% say that it helps build loyalty with existing clients/customers (content marketing institute)

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is essential for manufacturing businesses in 2022. Through digital marketing, manufacturing companies can expand their reach and awareness among their target market and build relationships with their ideal customers.

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