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7 Quick & Easy Steps to Effectively Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Your small business Instagram profile is one of the anchors of your social media marketing efforts and one of the first things potential followers will see. Because Instagram only gives you a little space to tell your company's story, optimizing the area you are allowed is critical to building an effective Instagram presence and connecting with your target audience. The core of a great Instagram bio is to clearly and concisely communicates who you are, what you do, and even why you do it.

a graphic of the Instagram Logo | Optimize Instagram BIO
7 Quick & Easy Steps to Effectively Optimize Your Instagram Bio

How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Profile picture and branding

A great profile starts with consistent branding and quality, a high-resolution logo or photo. The "look" of your profile and its consistency is a significant step in creating an engaging Instagram bio to connect with your audience. In addition, using highlight covers aligned with your branding can help extend your brand consistency and present a polished look.

Name and username

Did you know you have two opportunities to present your name on Instagram? Your username appears at the top of your profile, while your ''name" appears below your profile photo. You can make your "name" whatever you'd like. Optimization hint: make your username easy and memorable, and use keywords in both if possible.


Just under your name, your category is listed. This is a broad descriptor of your business type and helps communicate what your page is about.


Now the fun and somewhat tricky part. Instagram gives you 150 characters in this space - which is not much. Consider emojis, bullets, and, most importantly, keywords that explain what you do and how you help your customers.

Include a Compelling Call-to-Action

Arguably the most critical part of your profile is the call to action. You've taken the time to draft and revise your profile, and now it's time to help people take the next step. Do you want them to visit your e-commerce store, book a call with you, or fill out a form - let them know what's next in your CTA?

Examples of great Instagram Bio CTAs include:
  • Book Your Table Here ⬇️

  • Shop Here 👇

  • New Customers Score 20% off at the link

  • Share the love (and our profile)

Clickable Link

Instagram only gives you one clickable link in your bio (and no links in your captions), so you need to make it count. You can send people to your website, a lead generation form, or another resource. You can also use a third-party service like linkinbio that creates multiple links hosted at this Instagram link.

Don't Forget Your Action Button

Business profiles get a CTA button to help drive followers to a desired action. To add this button, head over to your account, then choose Edit Profile > Contact Options > Add Action Button.

Options include:

  • Order Food

  • Book Now

  • Reserve

  • Get Quote / Apply Now / Learn More / Sign Up

Optimizing your Instagram business bio is vital to connecting with your target audience and driving them to take action. Use the space wisely, including keywords, branded hashtags, a compelling CTA, and a clickable link. Remember to add an action button for extra engagement.

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