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6 Quick Tips for Crafting the Perfect Small Business Instagram Bio

Is your small business Instagram bio a little blah? Optimizing your small business social media profiles is crucial to providing potential customers with the information they need to know about your business - but you need to do it in a clear way that makes the most impact.

Small Business Instagram Bio Optimization

You only have a few seconds to make an impression when someone visits your profile. That's why making the most of the limited space available is crucial.

First, let's go through the structure of your Instagram bio. It consists of several parts which work together to bring your business to life. The parts of your professional instagram bio include:

  • your name

  • handle

  • profile picture

  • category

  • about section

  • contact information

  • action button

Ensuring each element works to your advantage is essential for growing awareness of your small business on Instagram, so making sure every part is optimized works hard to connect with your customers. (Note: Some items can be selected or unselected for display like the category or contact information.)

Photo of a person pointing | Create a findable and effective Instagram Bio
Craft an awesome Instagram Bio in 5 Steps

Step 1: It's All in a Name - Make Sure it's Searchable and Recognizable

Your name comes first when people visit your profile, so make it count. Choose a name and handle that clearly communicates who you are (and include a keyword if possible).

Step 2: Profile Photo or Graphic - Your Business In a Glance

Ensure your profile picture stands out and effectively represents your brand's message. It's especially important if you're looking to build awareness and instant recognition. Ensure it's properly sized and visible in the small space provided.

Step 3: Your Display Name

Your display name is different from your username and most importantly - it's searchable. Use this section to your advantage to help build clarity about your business.

Step 4: About Section - Your Story in 150 Characters

Now, it's time to tell your (short) story - a 150-character limit, so choose your words wisely. Include information introducing potential customers to who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Get creative and think about how you can communicate why your business is the right fit for your ideal customer's needs.

Hint: Use characters or emojis (when appropriate) to create a bulleted list.

Step 4: Call-to-Action - Make it Clear What You Want Your Followers to Do

Your call to action is one of the most critical components of your profile. Consider what action you want your followers to take and make it clear. This could be visiting your website, signing up for an email list, or following another social media account.

I test CTAs throughout the year and right now I'm using "Let's Get to Work" with arrows to encourage visits to my links. Here are a few ideas for your call-to-action:

  • Read the latest (link to your latest blog post)

  • Work With Us (link to your contact page)

  • Let's Chat (link to your appointment scheduler or other contact options)

  • Shop the Looks Here (link to your commerce website)

Step 5: Your Information: Make Sure Your Audience Can Reach Out

Remember, you only have one clickable link in your Instagram bio (unless you use a third-party service like Link in Bio), so make it count. In addition, you can list your Whatsapp or phone number.

Step 6: More of Your Story In Your Highlights

Instagram highlights are a fantastic way to store and showcase your Instagram stories for potential followers who may have missed them. Highlights keep curated information right up top, in prime real estate for potential customers or clients who visit your bio. Be creative and use highlights to present your case to your ideal customer—explaining what you do, why, and how. Use highlights to lead your ideal customer through the story of why your solution is best.

You can also include other types of content in your highlights, like:

  • Customer testimonials or other forms of social proof

  • Product Attributes

  • Employee highlights

  • Behind-the-scenes clips that tell the story of working with you

Hint: Your story is really the story of your ideal customer and how you solve their problems. Even when "about you", it's "about them".

Bonus Step: Check Your Settings & Contact Information

Take a moment to review your Instagram business account settings. Ensure that they are set up to meet your audience's needs and expectations. 

For example, consider setting up an automated response to answer some of your frequently asked questions or to provide information about your business hours, location, and specific holiday closures.


Ready to elevate your small business social media marketing? We're here to help.


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